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A Peek at Nursing as a Career

We need more people to choose nursing as a career. There is a national shortage, so the career choice would guarantee future employment fresh out of school.

Just last week, as I was taking care of a patient of mine, a doctor asked, "Kim, how did you decide to become a nurse?"That question caused me to reflect over nearly 25 years, and it still causes me to wonder sometimes. You see, I was not one of those little girls that wished to be a nurse, although I really liked the head nurse on Emergency. I told her, "You know, I think nursing chose me."

I went on to explain that I had changed my career path my freshman year of college. I was taking courses that I found to be interesting, along with the 'basics'. After a year of not committing to a degree plan, my dad put his foot down and he strongly encouraged me to find some direction.

I remember thumbing through the college catalog and finding the degree plan for nursing. I was surprised to see that I had taken nearly every prerequisite course except for anatomy and physiology. I applied to the program, was accepted and the rest is history.

Being a nurse has real advantages. Continuing education is an integral part of most professions. Nursing is no exception. This knowledge actually saved the life of one of my children!

Patrick was almost 4 years old. He was enjoying a piece of Halloween candy. My husband was watching him, and he called me in when he saw that Patrick was choking. I gave those 5 abdominal thrusts as if I did it every day of my life, when in fact I had only performed it on a few mannequins over the years. That piece of candy shot out, just like in the videos that they would make us watch. Never again do I groan when the lights go down and we have to watch that same training video.


Another advantage to this profession is the uniform. What other profession allows you to wear clothes that are as comfortable as pajamas! And they are so much more colorful than that starched white from years ago. I had to wear a nursing cap with the white uniform and the white hose and shoes when I was in nursing school. Now you can tell what Holiday is around the corner based on the attire of the nursing staff.

Another change for the better is that more men are entering the profession. I think that it has bettered the salaries. For fear of making sexist or offensive remarks, I will leave it at that.

Continuing in my footsteps.

Today, my oldest child is attending a nursing program. She will be a nurse in less than a year. I have no doubt that she will be an excellent asset to the profession. She did not decide to do this as a career until she was in college for a year.

Choosing nursing as a career

If you like working with people and helping them during some of the most important times of their lives, then I have no doubt you would thrive in your career as a nurse.

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