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Supplement Your Skills and Improve Your Work Position

It is often said that the majority of people are but a few checks away from homelessness. Without a consistent income, this may be a true statement.Some ability to multi-task can get you through a temporary employment down-spell.

While a formal plan is often best, the theory of continued employment is rapidly changing.Your union may not have the foothold it had in less prosperous times or out-sourcing may be the view of an employers accountant. Indeed, there can be numerous reasons why the stability factors of a steady job may change.

The most dramatic one for the next generation will likely be lower production costs of other countries, and the modern infrastructure for a company to relocate.On a more regional level, cheaper short-term labour is explored, where the cost of benefits to such persons are going to be more cost effective.

Some European-wide laws can mean that the good of the many will override the desires of an individual who is sitting in a comfortable but temporary, "privileged" position.

"You don't have to like it, but you might have to live with it".

However, there are some steps that you can take to formulate your future, rather than passively responding to it.

1. Be aware of the changes that are on the cards. You cannot predict everything but you can act on current information.

2. E-learning has made some phenomenal leaps in their approach to distance learning. Anyone that did a correspondence course in anything of a technical nature, would have met with some disadvantages over a one to one learning environment. Look at this again and enjoy the flexibility of modern technologies.Where you may not have the funding, many local training authorities run similar courses.

3. Do something every year, and from year to year, to improve your skills set even if it just to learn how to type, for example. Learn simple little things that might give you an advantage as documentation is becoming necessary for jobs that were historically manual in nature. Your ability to type may swing an interview in your favour.

4. Look for D.V.D's/C.D.'s, where local training is not there for you. E.C.D.L.'s or European Computer Driving Licences are available on such media. Second hand computers are everywhere, and perfectly good machines are thrown out on a daily basis, simply because their owners deem them to be outdated. Indeed, with a little gossip and observation, these can be got for free. Older computers are often considered worthless, but perfect for general tasks and communication.It might be a safe assumption that anyone reading this has a computer, but for someone that you know who doesn't have a phone line/other access, direct them to local or public libraries.

5. Network with your community. Yes, the world is getting both bigger and smaller if that is possible, but the community network can be seen to care about those within it. An hour of a Sunday and involvement within something of interest can pay dividends. Anything from Soccer support to something a little quieter like knitting or card playing, may achieve such local networking returns.If you decide to do this, you'll not be alone in an objective context.

6. Network outside your community. Seek out connections wherever you can find them. Online forums/groups within your particular discipline may help, and even give you an idea of global thoughts.

7. Attempt to save at least three months wages. At least, attempt it or part of it. This strategy brings some peace of mind as well as some degree of financial security.

"The World and everything in it, is changing, revolving and ageing. The changing of it is a transit more controllable than the other two".

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