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Why a Professional Resume?

As a job search tool your Resume is your main calling card. It explains who you are and what you have to offer. Your Resume is your best chance to make a first impression. An exceptional Resume will help you Stand Out from the crowd. A solid, well-crafted Resume will get you interviews. That's the Resume's job - to get you the interview! The professional Resume Writer's task, in creating that Resume, is to present and sell your skills, abilities and experience in the most professional and appealing way!

Your Resume has to capture the reader's attention within 15 seconds! That's where a professionally crafted Resume stands above the rest. Your Resume's main theme and supporting value messages are what capture that attention, inviting the reader to look more closely at your Profile and Background. You need to Stand Out! That's what your Resume has to do, help you put the best face on your skills, accomplishments and experience.

There are No Second Chances to make a First Impression! Do you want to leave your future to chance with a haphazardly assembled Resume that does not capture Who You Really Are? A professional resume will help You secure that next career move you are now ready to make. It's called Branding. You are a Brand of One, with a collection of skills, work experiences and training that make You unique in all the important ways.

How Do You View Yourself? Your Resume says a lot of important things, but the one thing it says above all others is How You View Yourself. Yes, you heard me - How You View Yourself! If your Resume is just a cookie cutter collection of facts, figures and dates outlining your work and education history, then this tells the reader you view yourself and your experience as Not Too Important. Which for them means: Not Particularly Valuable.

That's Why You Need to Stand Out! Don't expect hiring professionals to read between the lines. Hiring professionals only read what's on the lines and pause on those statements that send a value message to them. If you care about yourself and value what you have to offer, then a Professional Resume will communicate that and more. The days of using someone else's Resume as a guide, or relying on some cookie cutter model of resume writing, are over.

Qualifications and Experience are one thing, but Attitude is equally important. You can have all the training and experience that a position calls for, but without a winning attitude, your Resume lands in the pile of "also rans." What will set you apart from other candidates is that Winning Attitude which is essential to communicate. A Positive Winning Attitude represents Energy. A professionally crafted resume will convey that energetic attitude.

To sum up, you need a Resume that: 1) can sell your qualifications and experience effectively; 2) tantalizes, excites and prompts the reader to want to know more about you; 3) begins to answer the question: "Why should I hire you;" 4) goes beyond the standard formats and presents You as that one of a kind candidate; 5) takes your professional training and experience to the next level, showing commitment, dedication, ability and value; 6) and accurately reflects your positive, energetic attitude.

Maurice Turmel PhD has an established background in Resume Preparation, Cover Letter writing and Interview Coaching. Knowing what Hiring Managers want comes from 25 years experience as a therapist/counselor overseeing dozens of corporate and orgzanizational Employee Assistance Programs and dealing directly with their Human Resources Departments. He is trained in Chronological, Functional, Hydbrid, Strategic and Targeted Resumes, IT (Technical Resumes) included. Curriculum Vitaes and Student Resumes are a specialty. His company "Your Best Resume" provides powerful and distinctive Resumes that consistently win Interviews. All of this can usually be accomplished within 48 hours. Online inquiries should be directed to:

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