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Diplomats and Spies

"The Baratarian pirates also offered their services. Even though an American naval force had destroyed their base on Grand Terre Island in September, the Baratarians rejected British overtures to side with them. (6) {Other accounts make it clear the men were willing to go it alone or against the Americans and yet Lafitte convinced them to support the American cause. I see this as part of the French Masonic or Merovingian/Priory plan that included Napoleon. Lafitte and Joseph Napoleon later tried to break Napoleon out of St. Helena. I think Lafitte was their agent and played any role or side to support their cause first and foremost. They wanted the US to become a real force in the world. Their counterparts in England had declared French Masonry was without a soul. They had formally declared them to be any number of silly things. It continues to some extent to the present. I shall address this more as I proceed but suffice it to say that at some level we have an inner sanctum of people who are playing both sides for fools.} Instead they pleaded with American officials to accept their services. According to one observer, 'this transition from piracy to Patriotism' was due to the influence of Edward Livingston. The pirates had promised Livingston $20,000 if he could secure their acquittal on charges of violating the trade laws,?" (7)

This is an enormous amount of money and it might well be just a small part of what changed hands or was funneled to various officials by Lafitte. Livingston had lost most of his wealth in New York City before coming to New Orleans in a situation said to involve someone fleecing him when he had Yellow Fever. He was no longer without the clout money brings. The whole Louisiana Purchase and most of the Central Western United States was sold for $15,000,000. This brief note on that will tell you how important Livingston had been.

"President Jefferson wanted to make sure that the US could use the Mississippi River for commerce, so he had the American ambassador to France, Robert Livingston, and a special envoy, James Monroe (who would later be president), negotiate to buy the port of New Orleans. This would allow the US access between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. They were very surprised when the French offered to sell the entire Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollars. The purchase was completed on April 30, 1803." (8)

But we might well wonder about many things related to this purchase as I have already intimated. It turns out that my own ancestor Rufus King was the Ambassador to England until shortly AFTER this purchase was made. But he was also a minister plenipotentiary and became the special contact with the Royal Court of Britain shortly thereafter. This is the kind of role that many spies and double or triple agents who are far more than mere bureaucrats are involved with. It is the supranational paladin position of the highest sort and much like Henry Kissinger has been for the Rothschild/Rockefellers you could say. Here is the research on this matter from another source.

"Rufus KingMinister Plenipotentiary

New York May 20, 1796 Jul 27, 1796 Presented recall on or shortly before May 16, 1803 Commissioned to the court of His Britannic Majesty."(9)

Jim Allison ranks Rufus King as the fifth most important founding father of the United States but he notes Jefferson was away in France as Ambassador during many of the events he deemed of import in his ranking system. Jefferson ranked only 19th as a result and number one on his list is James Madison who I think was actually Jefferson's underling or student as was James Monroe. The behind the scenes power and deals made with international financiers including the King of England and his family. The Rothschild/De Medicis are where the real power existed. (10) The King's family had a relationship with Nathan Rothschild who made an enormous fortune for the Rothschilds at the occasion of The Battle of Waterloo. It is freely admitted that this sly deed was in fact the source of a great fortune for the Rothschilds in their official family biographies and you can be sure that many people including Lords and Ladies galore lost their shirts just like when Old Joe Kennedy had no money in the market on the day of the crash. Here is something about Monroe which illustrates the nature of the deals and deal-makers and who they were in touch with including England and Spain.

"On the 18th of April Monroe was further commissioned as the regular minister to Great Britain. He joined Livingston in Paris on the 12th of April, after the negotiations were well under way; and the two ministers, on finding Napoleon willing to dispose of the entire province of Louisiana, decided to exceed their instructions and effect its purchase. Accordingly, on the 30th of April, they signed a treaty and two conventions, whereby France sold Louisiana to the United States. In July 1803 Monroe left Paris and entered upon his duties in London; and in the autumn of 1804 he proceeded to Madrid to assist Pinckney in his efforts to secure the definition of the Louisiana boundaries and the acquisition of the Floridas." (11)

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