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Yes, Ive Had Gaps In My Employment History--What To Do About It?

Yes, I've Had Gaps In My EmploymentHistory--What Can I Do About It?

1. Honestly, there is not a single personwho has not had SOME gaps in theirwork history. Anyone who says differentlyis someone who might not always tell thetruth.

2. So, you, job seeker have had someemployment gaps in your career/work life.What to do? What to do?

3. Sit down and write out what you didduring your time of unemployment. Mostpeople who are out of work do NOT spendall of their not working time in front of a TV!What you did is a measure of what yourvalues and interests are. If you loafed, where did you do your loafing? Reading,baking, driving, hanging out? WHAT DIDYOU DO AND WHY DID YOU DO IT?

4. Condense these periods of unemploymentto look for a pattern. If you were "laid off"a few times, what jobs were you doing and whywere you "laid off"? Look for skills that youused with employment gaps. There isalways a pattern of some sort when Mr. orMs Job Seeker is not looking.

5. By making sense of these gaps to and for potential new employers, you can capitalize

on them to present yourself in a new light.Example: If you started a home basedbusiness while you were unemployed, butit failed, you can still be known as someonewilling to take risks; someonewho can see failure as something to notbe ashamed of. How many employers could sympathize with you? Many, I wouldguess. Failing and learning from it, is aSKILL.

6. Put those unemployment gaps together Mr. or Ms Job Seeker as if you had foundgold on a scrap heap. The gaps stillrepresent you, put them in your resumeand use them in an interview.

7. You might want to do these differently onyour next "not working gig". Put yourself towork on your self, the next time around!

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