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Invest in Your Career Change--Put Your Money Where Your Dream Is

You say you want a new career, you say you want to start your own business, you say you'd love to be a freelance writer and travel more but are you serious? Can I really believe you? Are you investing in your dream?

When you want something badly enough, you're willing to work hard, make sacrifices, and invest in your dream.

Most people who've made a career change didn't have lots of money from which to draw. They simply made the choice to find the money they needed to make the change they always dreamed of making!

To see if you are willing to do what it takes to do work you love, follow these steps:

1. Ask yourself the following, "Am I willing to invest what I have in my dream job? Am I willing to change how I currently spend money so that I may have more of it to put toward my transition?" Yes or No? If you answered "no" to these, you're not ready to move ahead with a career change. Give yourself a break and focus on something else that you feel more ready for at this point. If you answered "yes" to these, read on.

2. Write down all of your expenses. Track every dollar you spend to have a clear picture of where your money is really going each month.

3. Prioritize. Look at each expense and ask yourself, "Would I rather have this or a new career?" See what big and small sacrifices you can make. That salon brand shampoo is nice but would you rather it or a new career? The deluxe cable TV package provides great entertainment but is it worth more to you than a new career? It's ok if you choose the shampoo or cable channels over your dream. Just be honest with yourself. Stop spending money on what you could live without and start putting those funds toward the life you would REALLY like to have!

Copyright 2005 Annemarie Segaric

Annemarie Segaric is a respected career change coach, motivational speaker, and the author of the pocket booklet, 107 Tips for Changing Your Career While Still Paying the Bills. Dread Monday mornings? Visit Annemarie's website and download your free career change toolkit today.

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