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The 10 Second Window of Opportunity, Resume Hour Glass

Do you know that a hiring manager just spends 10 second with your resume before deciding to forward or junk it? Ten seconds is all you got, to impress that person to get to the next step of the hiring process - "interviews". I have seen many folks who can easily market themselves in person but they are poor at condensing them in a piece of electronic paper. This article helps you focus on beating the "Resume Hour Glass".

The first and foremost is pinpointing your career focus. What do you want to do with your career unless you are clear with this beating the resume hour glass is tough? Match your career goals with the opportunity you are applying for and find the killer "Qualification Summary". You can get a lot of help from professional resume writers in this. Objectives are old fashion and may be something you give a placement company for finding a post for you. But a resume is a targeted sales copy of your skills for a particular position. The Qualification summary is usually a single paragraph of around 50 words. This is loaded with perfectly placed "keywords" punctuated with the skill set to requirement map.

Think of yourself as a designer of a billboard placed in a fast freeway. How many seconds do you have to grab the attention of the motorist. You are in a similar situation, remember the ten second window. The hiring manager is inundated with thousands of qualified professionals. They just go through your qualification summary before deciding whether to pursue further or send that one page regret letter. We need one full day to talk about creating that perfect summary; this is better left for the professionals. You can get many deals for just around 50$ upward. Please visit the resources at the bottom of the article to find agencies that specialize in resume writing.

Qualification summary is the composition, a condensed capsule of your years of experience and the years of education you had pursued. It starts with a brief qualities, then goes on to describe your skill set match. The next sentence is about your recent achievement and finally finishes up with your objective. If you could then you should employ the help of professional resume writing services at least one time in every 5 years. The 10 second window depends on additional qualities like formatting of the page. The white spaces and fonts play a significant role in beating the Resume Hour Glass. Now go get that dream job of yours, I hope this article would have driven a point or two about the "Ten second window of opportunity".

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