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Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

By avoiding these 8 simple mistakes, you can improve your chances ofhaving a successful interview and landing the job of your dreams.

There is no easier way to lose points with a prospective employer than to show up late. First impressions do last. And unfortunately,showing up late screams things like "I am unreliable" or "your time isnot important to me". Is this what you want a prospective employer tothink before you even have a chance to utter a word? Make it a pointto try to be early to every interview. That way, bad weather, trafficand that last minute phone call stand less chance of ruining yourentrance. If the unforeseen 18-wheeler does happen to dump 10 tons oftomatoes across the interstate, upon arrival, apologize first thing,offer a quickexplanation and move on. (Ideally you would have calledfrom your cell phone as soon as you caught sight of the delay.)

No matter what the circumstance never act disinterested during aninterview. If 10 minutes into the meeting you become certain thatnothing on the planet could convince you to take a job with thecompany continue to pay attention and act like you care about theconversation. Remember that the interviewer does not exist in avacuum. He or she has friends, relatives, and associates who mayinfluence future job opportunities. If you behave poorly, theinterviewer will remember and will share the story of you and yourunprofessional behavior with others. Haven't you shared bad jobsearch experiences with people close to you? The interviewer isprobably no different.

Being prepared has many facets. Interviewers expect you to knowsomething about the company and the position you are seeking. Havingthis knowledge makes you appear both motivated and truly interested.So make sure you do your research! Excellent sources of informationinclude, the Internet, periodicals and people already in the field.Another facet of being prepared is being ready for the types ofquestions that may be asked. There are numerous articles on the weband in bookstores with practice interview questions and answers. Makesure to utilize all such resources available to you. And finally,don't forget to have extra copies of your resume and references onhand should they be requested.

No matter how old fashioned it appears to use word like "please","sir", "ma'am" and "thank you", do not delete these words from yourvocabulary. These simple words can work wonders towards making apositive impression. Always use a respectful tone of voice. Do notunnecessarily interrupt the interviewer. Maintain eye contact and apleasant expression. Leave the slang, slouching and gum chewing athome. Good manners signals respect for yourself and the people aroundyou; never underestimate their importance.

Whether you like it or not, the job interview is not the time toexpress your individuality. Always remember that your goal is to gainemployment, not to make a fashion statement. Accordingly, you shouldnot dress in any way that will distract attention from you and yourqualifications. Things to avoid include unconventional hair colors,excessive jewelry and makeup and any clothes that you would wear to anightclub. Prior to the interview, contact the companies HRdepartment and inquire about the company dress code. Do your best todress accordingly. If there is any doubt, err on the side of beingoverdressed.

Never, ever lie during an interview. Mistruths have an uncanny habitof catching up to people. If the interviewer catches you in a lieduring the interview, you have seriously damaged your chances of beinghired. After all, would you hire someone that you couldn't trust? Ifyour employer finds out you lied after you have been hired, it couldbe grounds for dismissal. Even if they do not dismiss you, you arestill in serious trouble as you have damaged your integrity in theeyes of your boss. The bottom line is that you should always betruthful when interviewing.

When searching for the right job, put your modesty aside. Don't beafraid to confidently describe your skills and accomplishments. Afterall, if you don't sing your praises to your potential boss, then whowill? Don't count on your resume to do all the work; it is only atool to help you land the interview. Once you get your foot in thedoor, it is up to you to convince the interviewer that you are theideal person for the job. Worried that you will come across asconceited instead of self-confident? Then practice how and what youwill say with a friend or family member who can provide honestfeedback.

Once the interview has concluded, take a few moments to jot down yourimpressions of the interviewer, what you talked about and anyinteresting points that were brought up during the meeting. The idealtime and place to do this is in your car a soon as you have exited thebuilding, as your thoughts will be most fresh at this time. Use thisinformation as you compose a well thought out thank you note to theinterviewer. Mail this note no later than the day following theinterview. Remember promptness signals interest.

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