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Dont Be Defeated - Be Empowered

Taking a job out of fear and desperation will never satisfy you for very long, nor will it last all that long either, and before you know it your back to square one. As I said; a job is nothing more than "just over broke", and who wants to live like that!

I realize how desperate situations in life can be; I lived that existance for many years, fighting and struggling just to make ends meet, if I was lucky. Many of the jobs out there have little to no growth. You can't see a future there, and for many of the JOB's out there, you probably wouldn't want too. You chose that position, for lack of a better word for one reason; a PAYCHEQUE. Not because you found an exilerating rush from waiting on people. or sitting at a desk and staring at three cubicle panels, or praying for the sale that would put your pay over the four hundred marker on next weeks paycheque. I know this because I did all of these things, and guess what? I got a great big "YOU'RE FIRED!" from everyone of them.

Eventually, I started to figure things out. I didn't want to hear the words "YOU'RE FIRED!" again. So who could I work for that wouldn't fire me no matter how badly I screwed up? ME!! I am my perfect boss.

Don't get me wrong here, the road to being self employed was no picnic, but neither was the life I had before. So, I had to make a decission. "Do I want to live in fear of not performing or living up to someone elses expectations, and always wondering when I would hear the two dreaded words? Or, did I want to feel empowered, secure and confident every morning when I got out of bed and ready and eager to get to work on something that I was doing for me?"

First I asked myself, "Self; what makes me unique and different from everyone else? What are my strengths and weaknesses? And what can I do that will get me excited every morning and keep me motivated to want to work so hard? Once I started to think about it, I was amazed at the answers I found. I used those answers and formed a list of all the qualities I possess. All my positive qualities on one side and all my negative qualities on the other. Once I completed my list I realized that in order for me to have any share of success with my new business, I had to also have success in my personal life. That was the scariest part of this process. I had to look at the good, the bad and the ugly. Believe me, there was alot more bad and ugly, than I ever cared to admit. But ultimately, that was the problem; I never changed my situation,because I never wanted to change myself. I didn't want to admit that I had flaws, even though they were staring me square in the face on a daily bases.Once I narrowed down who I was and what I was dealing with, and what I wanted to do with my life, and what I wanted to do with my life, I quickly started to see major changed in myself. The positives started to out way the negatives. I made a decission to achieve the things I wanted in life, which was difficult for me, because I never stuck to any decissions I made. But I did it, and those negative character flaws, turned into positive character attributes. I was now able to make a strong confident decissions that turned my life around. I finally added value to my life, and everyone in it.

Whenever I started to feel negative or defeated, I simply reminded myself of the obsticles I have overcome and was able to see a clear path to where my life was heading. I would often tell myself whenever I fell into a slump, "the only one who will hold you back is you, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back to doing what you love to do!" That couching always got me through the tough times and still does today. I needed to build the foundation of my life, my family and my business. I stopped living my life feeling defeated and I started living my life feeling empowered and determined.

This is an excert from the book "YOU'RE FIRED!" written by author Tristan Becker, at This is an powerful and inspiring book about adversity and the willingness to make changes in your life. Turning negative situations into life changing positives. This book is also available in print version at in the self-improvement section.

Tricia Bowers

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