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Finally The First Online Job Agency in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean with a population of 1.2 million inhabitants. It is well known primarily as a tourist destination. Its economy is based on 4 major pillars: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism and Services sector. Unlike many other African countries,Mauritius political climate has been very stable. Moreover its economy has been booming and becoming more diversified in the last 20 years. The economy was traditionally dependent on Agriculture. Nowadays textile and tourism are the driving force for the Mauritian Economy. The labour force requirements of Mauritius had to accomodate with all those changes.

As more and more Mauritian students graduate from High School and look forward to pursue higher level education overseas, brings to them an exhaustive list of most popular universities around the globe. Finding universities overseas is now easier than ever. France,UK,South Africa and Australia are the most popular countries where Mauritians are undertaking tertiary studies. The unversity of Mauritius is also playing a more improtant role nowadays.

Furthermore, every year, increasingly, as Mauritians graduate from various universities around the world, they find it a difficult task to find jobs in Mauritius. In this highly technology dominated world, JobSeek brings a much needed innovation to the Mauritian job market. Now employers and jobseekers alike can simply log on to JobSeek, post their positions available and CVs respectively in a matter of seconds... And all this FOR FREE.
Authors - Zeen and Sam Khan

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