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The Perils Of Employment: Are You About To Be Let Go?

From the moment you are born and you take your first breath, you begin to die.

It's just a fact of life. And to illustrate another truth: From the day you are hired by a company, you move closer to the day you will move on. This is either a natural occurrence or a purposeful severing of ties.

Statistics show that the average person will hold at least ten to twelve different jobs in what would nonetheless be seen as an illustrious career. Moving from one job to the other is a natural progression, each job or situation representing a stepping stone to the next. The bottom line is that staying in one job for your entire career is not to be expected.

Having said that, we can look at being let go as a positive experience. It is a way of moving along your career in a very decisive way. There are many reasons for moving on such as being downsized or terminated. Regardless of the reason, being free to make a new career move is a positive condition which leads you to your next step.

So what are the signs that you are about to be terminated? It can be any one or a number of the following:

• A subordinate is beginning to ask you questions about your responsibilities

• Your boss is displaying an increased micromanagement style toward you

• Some of your responsibilities are being taken away from you

• Your next performance review is rescheduled to an earlier date

• In meetings with your boss, you realize he is taking more notes than usual

• You receive more written and less oral feedback about your performance

• You haven't received a raise in a longer amount of time than usual

• You realize your boss is observing you more than usual

• Your company is going through a downsizing

When you begin to see signs that you are on the cutting block, rather than begin an emotional reaction that doesn't serve you, see it for what it is. It is time to move on. Your next step awaits you. Begin to explore your career options. Don't wait until the axe comes down. Be proactive and determine your best next steps. Then, when you are let go, it can be cause for celebration. You have successfully completed this phase of your career, and now it's on to the next. It is a natural progression. It is purposeful. You are exactly where you need to be. You are on your way to the next successful phase of your career, and life.

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David Richter is a recognized authority in career coaching and job search support. He has spent many years in recruitment, staffing, outplacement, counseling psychology and career management spanning most industries and professions. David founded TopDog Group in response to the needs of job candidates to have a higher quality of career coaching and support available on the Internet. David understands the mechanisms for success. He has formulated specific strategies anyone can use to secure interviews and receive offers. His extensive knowledge and experience sets David apart in this field, allowing him to offer a wealth of information and a vast array of tools, resources and strategies not found anywhere else. He has shown countless job seekers how to differentiate themselves and leverage their potential to the highest possible level, making a real difference in their careers. David holds both a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. David's website address is:

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