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Get A New Job - Career Choices

Career change is tough but rewarding

There are a number of reasons why people might be due for a career change:

? They don't like their current career. Maybe they took the job because they needed money at the time and it was the only work they could find to pay the bills.

? They don't like what they studied in school anymore. People grow and change. The things that interested you 10 years ago may not interest you anymore.

? People want to change careers because they're hoping for higher salaries or more advancement opportunities than what they have now.

Prepare for tough interview questions

You can prepare to change your career by making up for your lack of experience with education. Consider distance learning as a means for you to go back to school while you continue working. Update your resume to make it look right for your target career employers. Prepare for tough interview questions.

You're going to get questions from your interviewer dealing with your desired career move. Some are due to misgivings that the interviewer may have about your ability to handle the new career. Other questions may be the interviewer attempt to shake your confidence so that they have the upper hand in salary negotiations. Whatever the reason, make sure you're prepared for tough questions from the interviewer. If the interviewer has reservations about hiring you, you must change the interviewer's mind before you leave their office. Otherwise, you won't be hearing from that interviewer again.

Career choices you make today affect your earning capacity in the future

Don't learn the hard way. Career choices you make now can affect your future earning potential. How? Statistics show that people's starting salaries affect how much they'll earn over the years.

Work out your career plan as much as possible before the interview

Your career path often dictates how much you can make in your life. Once you get on a specific career track, it doesn't matter how hard you work, that work will only be worth so much. So even though a particular job might sound interesting during an interview, consider the long term impact that job will have on your career. Don't let a convincing interviewer make you take a job that isn't right for your career. It's your choice where you go with your own career. Only your choices are going to be the best for you.

Once you get going in one career, you'll find it a lot harder to switch later. Not because it's hard to switch careers but because later in life you usually have other responsibilities (i.e. bills and kids) that make it very undesirable to take a pay cut to make that career switch.

But don't ever think it's too late. With education so much more available to the "non-traditional" student, you're sure to find a distance learning program that can help you switch careers if you want to. Even if you decide not to switch careers, going back to school has never hurt one's career. By not doing anything, you are in effect making a choice about your career.

Change your career, change your life and get a new job!

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