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F-E-A-R in the Job Search!

Fear in starting a job search is a four letter word! Like any other four letter word, the word itself can create more fear, and some- times self-loathing!

Look at the fear when it applies to a job search.

  • Fear of others.

  • Fear of change.

  • Fear of rejection.

  • Fear of being seen as inadequate.

  • Fear of taking action, (procrastination in disguise).

    By looking at the fears expressed, they revolve around failure. It is not failure in the person looking for a job, it is failure to take action. Looking carefully at number 5, it is easy to understand that a lack of action is the root cause of most failures in the job search.

    It is often better to do SOMETHING to help oneself, than do nothing at all. Job search mistakes are not fatal. Fear keeps all of us from progressing.

    SMALL action steps, like finding someone to talk to is better than letting the four letter fear word from taking over your life!

    About The Author

    Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
    Certified Job & Career Transition Coach


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